Good Email Marketing Sells

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Thirty years of experimentation, business books, training, hacks and experts have lead us to know exactly what to do with email marketing and how it’s different for everyone depending on your agenda and Digital Strategy.

I believe good email marketing starts with people opting in to your email list. The email message is a weekly or monthly newsletter of 3-5 good stories and announcements about your brand. Do not email a list of published blog post links and call it a newsletter.

Your email newsletter is written for customers and loyal brand ambassadors to read and share. Your company blog posts can be the same content, but written differently for the public audience to read and share.

Each newsletter story or announcement is a photo and summary linking to the full story on your site, presented on a single landing page with social sharing buttons. The page ends with a “soft sell” product or service offer. The only link off the story landing page is to a specific product or service landing page. The only link off that page is to a shopping cart page. It’s ok to have an understated link to your “home” page in the footer on all pages.

The stories can be about customers using the product or service, Q&A inspired information about using the product or service, explaining new products or updates and feature employee stories. Sometimes the story can be about industry related news or something loosely related, fun, entertaining or cultural.

The best stories are a sticky narrative about projects or product collaborations, your solutions to customer problems and your supportive replies to customer comments.

The 5 C’s of story writing for the business newsletter.

  1. Credibility – What have you done lately?
  2. Caring – People want to know what you care about.
  3. Community – People love to belong to something.
  4. Current – Relevant news from your industry or culture.
  5. Congruency – Don’t mud the water or over do it.


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